I had no idea I would be so tired…

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I remember the first days thinking “I’m not that tired, in fact I’m not really tired at all”. ¬†Everyone had told me I would be tired and I wasn’t. I was pretty excited that I would be an exception… Then it hit me. Ka-bang! One can only sustain so many night time wake ups and restless sleeping. I was also breast-feeding, what felt like, all the time. And boy, was I tired. I did try and sleep in the afternoons, tried to get to bed ‘early’ but the nights – well it’s just not a good thing to be woken up 3-4 times a night. It’s one of the few things that just doesn’t make sense in the development of a baby.

Fast forward to #4 and I can tell you that the tired I thought I felt was nothing compared to the tiredness after my 4th was born. I was used to living in a constant flow of exhaustion so figured I’d already hit the bottom. Wrong. ¬†I made it through the days in large part, due to my body’s adrenaline and second, because we all slept every single afternoon. All 5 of us (me and the 4 kids), from 1-3pm (4pm) if I was lucky.

Today, while all of the kids sleep through the night, I still haven’t caught up on my sleep. I still feel tired all the time but it’s all relative now. I’m much less tired than I was a couple of years ago…

Here is the “short” answer from my book Babies 0-6 months

Tip# 20 Mom, the first weeks:

Funny that despite the fact that everyone and their dogs tell us that we will be exhausted, we can’t actually imagine how we will feel until we are in it. If this is your first child, then sleep (or rest) when the baby sleeps.. If you are breastfeeding, increase your food intake because you are now really eating for two, so good nutrition is very important. The production of breast milk and feeding can be exhausting on its own. Getting your baby into a night rhythm will also help.


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