I love my bike, I love to dance, I love my kids, I love my shoes, I love Amsterdam, I love to kayak, I love to travel, I love to work, I love my husband, I love the sun, I love Camden, I love cross-country skiing, I love Thai night, I love flowers, I love languages – especially Italian


I hate cooking (every day), I hate cleaning, I hate Dutch weather, I hate being cold, I hate the mess around the house, I hate living so far away from family, I hate being tired all the time.


That’s me in a nutshell. Also I’m an entrepreneur, have worked too many jobs to list but mostly as a consultant, mostly in digital photography and new media and I’ve done quite a lot of teaching. I am a mother of 4 little kids (8,7,5,4). I live in a small village 20 min outside of Amsterdam and am Canadian. I am happy to be working again after 3 years at home with the kids. Personal balance is my challenge.