I have a bicycle built for 6 that I power with my own legs.

I have owned and loved it for almost 7 years now.  I had it custom made when I was pregnant with my second child. It has a large box in the front which seats 4 and one on the back.  Plus me, make 6.

I use my bike for everything: doctor’s appointments, groceries, school pick-ups, moving things, kids bikes (they fit!) etc. I get some interesting looks when I’ve done a week’s worth of groceries and managed to squish 2 of my kids between the bags…

To say that I could live without it – well I don’t want to try…

Julia & Olivia with Olivia’s bike in the bike


My husband’s bee hive in my bike (no bees)


Maybe not the best idea ever and yes, one of my kids is crying… but with the size of the wheels, had pretty good grip!


The weekly groceries + 2


Training wheel bike… didn’t quite make it!


Our bikes at the bus stop, all locked together. You steal one, you steal them all… Good luck with that!


There is a child under the helmet. She’s fine… sitting between the bread and toilet paper!


Here we are… A more classic use of my bike.