As I was writing my article for The Magazine.  I thought a lot about why I love to bike and what accessories and cool things make that experience an even better one.

        • The Hövding invisible helmet! Probably one of the coolest accessories (if one calls a helmet an accessory) I’ve seen come to market. Once the price drops I will be getting one of these.
        • Rainmates The best rain pants ever, designed specifically for biking with only one protective side, which makes them easy to get on and off.
        • The lamb’s wool bike seat cover.  Yes I have one. I hate having a cold behind.
        • The cardboard bike (seriously!). Though I’m not looking to replace any of my bikes, this has caught my attention.
        • Very cool bike accessories like rain deflectors and snow chains. I have yet to buy any of these accessories as I’ve just recently come across them but many will be on my Christmas list!
        • The Senz umbrella.  Very handy in rainy windy conditions.