I have shoes for every occasion.

Sneakers for playing with my kids, running shoes for going out for a run, flip flops or sandals for sunny days, heavy boots for cold winter days and green rubber boots for the rainy ones. But for me, Lianne, the woman that I am – I love wearing my high heels the best. I feel good in them, I feel strong in them, I feel like myself in them. That’s what I’ve missed the most these last years and that’s what I’m putting back on now.

It’s a symbol of balance for me.









If you’ve gotten this far, you should know the following:

- I have had some of these shoes for 20 years

- Italian friends of mine produce many of the high heels I’ve posted called: Nora, Scarpe di Lusso

- They also sell other shoes: Le Scarpe di Anita

- A number were actual birthday gifts!

- I have a lot more…

- and yes – I have high heel rain boots!