No time to eat…

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During those first weeks, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed sitting at home with my newborn.  I couldn’t even manage to make a sandwich, and if I did, I sure didn’t have time to eat it.

I remember so clearly sitting on the couch while breastfeeding my son and looking at my lunch waiting for me at the table. The table that at the moment, was so incredibly far away. Somehow I had found time to make myself a feta salad with some thick slices of fresh bread (It was a hot summer!).  My lunch had made itself to the table but never made it into my stomach.

My son on the other hand -ate all the time (and I do mean all the time) and if he wasn’t eating, I was changing his diaper or his clothes, bathing him or letting him suck on my baby finger while he fell asleep. And when a newborn is sucking on your finger, half asleep, it’s hard to use a fork.  When I tried to transfer him to his crib, he woke up immediately and cried.  Being my first born – I picked him up, gave him my pinky and sat there until he woke up from his nap, ready for more food.

Needless to say, this was a great way to loose weight – but it for sure wasn’t the idea and not in any way a good one either.  Good nutrition is so important for a breast-feeding mom (or any other new mom for that matter).  Luckily my husband did the cooking at night and I slowly got the hang of our new daily routine, including how to eat with a newborn.

By #4, I was cooking for 5 and breastfeeding at the same time (well not exactly but you get the picture). It  became  second nature and it was a lot easier for me to put her down and let her cry (luckily she hardly ever did this) to get other things done than it had been when my first was born.


Here is the “short” answer from my book Babies 0-6 months

Tip# 21 Mom, the first weeks: I’m so tired and busy with my newborn that I don’t even have time to eat..

It can be overwhelming to care for a newborn and the learning curve is steep. However eating properly is key to feeling less tired so it can be a vicious circle. If you are really unable to prepare meals then think about investing a little money in some of the “prepared” nutritious meals from the grocery stores or ask family and friends to help you through those first weeks. Most people are only too happy to help if you ask.


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