Raising bilingual kids

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My kids speak “D’English”, a twist on the word “Franglais” that we used to describe speaking French and English at the same time, when I grew up. D’English is our word for Dutch and English bilingualism.

I was raised in French and English. My mother is the English Canadian, my father the French one. We went to school in French, spoke to my dad in French, TV was English, Mom was English, friends were both. It happened without effort. We lived in a bilingual city. Every one we knew was bilingual.

Now I live in Holland. I’ve mastered the Dutch language (yes, congratulations are in order…) but I am and will always be Canadian, which means we are raising our kids in English and in Dutch. But it’s a bit trickier than it was where I grew up – here, everyone only speaks Dutch; schools are Dutch, friends are Dutch, daily life is Dutch.

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