Handy, portable and fantabulously informational – Lianne’s Quick Guide is an easy read format of questions and answers – almost like a chat between mom friends. Note: they are perfect size for carrying in your diaper bag to read while baby sleeps in car

Caroline Fernandez

Every time you turn a page there is another possible solution at your fingertips.  These would make awesome baby shower gifts or a gift to give your babysitter.
Kristen Jeffery

Its simple and gives sound information which is ideal for a busy new parent.
Sonya Murray
The Baby Gurus

I only wish I had her Quick Guide when I had little ones! It is a reassuring read of the most basic questions and you can stash it in a handbag quite easily. I love it for the lovely, calm tone, the sensible answers, and thoroughness. All in all, a guide I wish I had written!
Nancy Brown

This booklet is honestly my favourite ‘baby book’ I have read so far. It doesn’t throw too much information at you but it answers the questions you really want to know… and by a Mum – someone who has been there and got the t-shirt. Not condescending or overbearing, just honest, and caring. I love it.
White Lilly Green

The book is written in an easy to read Question & Answer format so a frazzled new mom can see that Chapter 9 – Crying starts on page 44, turn to that page and skim the questions until a helpful answer is found. This all takes less than a minute. The best part is that the book is SMALL. It’s about the size of a passport and can easily be stuffed inside a purse, diaper bag, or maybe even an engorged nursing bra to drag to the bathroom in a moment of need.

Lianne writes with a compassionate and open-minded style that any overwhelmed young mother will appreciate. I loved that her advice made it clear that in most situations, the best tool a new mother has is her intuition about what is best for her baby! From feeding to first aid and traveling to teething, this book really does include all the useful information a mother might need. And the concise and complete answers are quick both to access and to read.
Kathryn Lavallee

Although it is written in a Question/Answer format, almost everything you have questions about will be answered! I honestly was surprised about just how much information Lianne can fit into such a small book! She answers 179 questions all in 79 pages!
Multi-testing Mommy

I wish I had Lianne’s Quick Guide back then! Lianne has written a series of quick guide booklets for all thethings you want to know and need to know in a pinch! They’re perfect for carrying in your purse or diaper bag. They’re compact and designed for busy parents on the go.

 Overall, I was very impressed with the huge amount of quality information that she was able to pack into this tiny book. (And it is a very cute little book that you could easily keep in a small purse or big coat pocket.) At $7.95, I think that this is good value for a book which contains such a great amount of new baby info.  This is definitely a good go-to book to have for all first time mothers.
Tales of a ranting ginger

When reading this book I was shocked at how much information was packed into this tiny little thing. Seriously! It’s small enough to fit in my purse or diaper bag without taking up hardly any space!

It’s one of those books that you can throw in a purse (or diaper bag) and always have handy wherever you might be.  It gives you snippets of information as you need it.  It’s not overwhelming (as most big books are to new mamis who can barely keep one eye open). Do you have a special book that you like to give to new mamis? You should check this one out!

I think it’s sure to make your list.


I would hands-down recommend this baby book over any other baby book out there.  The  convenience of the small size and the abundance of helpful information is an essential for all new Mom’s.  To have the answers to all the questions you have regarding your new baby at your finger tips at all times can truly be the best gift! Lianne’s booklet is literally like talking to a best friend.  Her words are encouraging and leaves you feeling like you CAN get through all the new experiences that babies bring.



What a wonderful booklet! Though only the size of a postcard, Lianne’s Quick Guide answers 179 questions any new Mom or Dad may have “divided into sections that follow the general development of a newborn.” From “What is swaddling and how do I do it?” to “Is my baby ready for solids?” It’s small enough to pack in your diaper bag and organized in a way to make it easy to find the answers you will be looking for.

Dwell on Joy